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Wine Class at Vini e Fritti

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Saturday Wine Classes at Vini e Fritti

Increase your wine knowledge at our Saturday afternoon wine classes at Vini e Fritti, our wine bar in the Redbury Hotel. Each week, sommeliers from our sister restaurant Marta lead a wine tasting of a different wine region or style. Learn how to taste like a pro, the secrets to perfect food pairings, and the stories behind some of our favorite bottles. Perfect for libation lovers of any level.


Includes wines and light snacks
Saturdays, 2-3pm

Upcoming Classes: 

October 19th - Trentino vs Alto-Adige: A Complex Identity
Trentino Alto-Adige is a region located in northern Italy with an incredibly storied past; up until WWI the region was part of the Austrian Empire and many people still speak German to this day. In this class, we will be exploring one of Italy’s most complex and fascinating regions with incredible wines that are some of Italy’s best-kept secrets. Discover powerhouse producers and mysterious grape varieties as well as some familiar faces with a quintessential Italian twist!

October 26th - The Super Tuscan: where did it originate, why was it created and why is it so sought after? 
4 Wines
Join us as we taste our Super Tuscan bottles, from Bordeaux-style blends to pure Sangiovese. In this class, we will learn exactly what 'Super Tuscan' really means, the coining of the term, and the wines and vintners behind the movement. Come discover all that a Super Tuscan has to offer! 

November 2nd - Sparkling Wines of Italy: Franciacorta, Trento, Prosecco, Pet-Nat
4 Wines
Got a thing for bubbles? During this class, we'll learn about the many regional sparkling wines of Italy. Come and enjoy an exploration of effervescent wines of all kinds, from juicy Prosecco to Champagne-method bubbles, and more.

November 9th - Sparkling Wines of Italy vs. Champagne
4 Wines
Dig a little deeper into the world of bubbles this week and begin to discover your personal style preferences. We'll pop bottles across various styles, from both Italy and France so that you can taste the similarities and differences!  

November 16th - Grand Marque vs. Grower Champagne
4 wines
Join us to discover the flavors and techniques behind house-style Grand Marques and estate-bottled Growers. We'll taste the frothy and vinous styles from both large and small scale producers in Champagne. 

November 23rd - The Reasons Behind Pairing
4 Wines
Have you ever wondered why fish and bold red wines are not a recommended pairing? How about why it's so difficult to pair wine with umami flavors? In this class, we will delve into perfect pairings and you'll learn how to successfully pair wines with the most difficult food groups. 

November 30th - Climate and Terroir Effect on Wine: Hot vs. Cold Climates, Clay vs. Granite Soils. How Do These Factors Change the Expression of the Grape Varietal
5 Wines
It's time to talk about the needs of the grapevine. During this class, we'll discuss how grape varieties express themselves differently based on where they're grown. We'll deep dive into the mysterious ways in which the climate and soil affects wine production.

December 7th - Dessert Wines
4 Wines
Dessert wines are unapologetically sweet and we love them for it. Join us as we learn about the ins and outs of pairing dessert with wine. We'll discuss Marsala, Vin Santo, Moscato, and more!

December 14th - Nebbiolo Outside of Barolo and Barbaresco. What Does This Famous Grape Have to Offer?
5 Wines
In this class, we'll delve into Ghemme, Valtellina, Sassella, Gattinara, and even the United States to learn about how Nebbiolo is expressed traditionally in lesser known sites. As we taste through these more underrated appellations, you'll be surprised by their lifted acidity and beautiful floral notes. 

December 21st - Stainless Steel vs. Oak Aging
5 Wines
How does a producer decide between aging wine in stainless steel versus oak? In this class, we'll discuss (and taste!) how each process affects the flavor and the differences between each.  

December 28th - Our Favorite Wines!
6 Wines
Our final class of 2019! To celebrate, our sommeliers will choose their favorite wines from our wine list to share with you. We'll be popping some extra corks during this class! 

Past Classes: 

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